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Our Name Says it All

100% American Made, American owned.  Marc Rinehart, CEO and Founder of QST Smoke Flavors started the manufacturing company in middle TN in 2018.   Quality, Service, and Trust are attributes that have followed him and his vision for over 30 years in the food and meat industry.

Our Products

We manufacture smoke flavor from the finest locally sourced materials.  We offer a full line of products for all applications including direct addition, atomization, showering, and brine injection.

Our Process Creates Cleaner, Safer Products

By using locally sourced sawdust, QST reclaims what would have been a waste product from the mills.

Any benefit available from natural smoke, such as imparting flavor, curing, adding color to the meat, etc. can be done with liquid smoke. Through QST’s filtration process, it also removes a lot of the carcinogens to create a liquid smoke that is actually a safer, cleaner, and healthier product compared to traditional smoke.

We Put Customer Service First

Our level of customer service is exceptional for both new and existing clients.  Our size allows us to work more closely with you and offer more customized solutions.  Contact us directly at (931) 498-9610 or smokeinfo@qsting.com to get started.  You can also send us a message on our contact page.