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Our Process

Our process is environmentally friendly and produces a cleaner, safer product

QST Smoke Flavors is located in middle TN where there is an abundance of deciduous hard woods available including hickory, oak and maple.  Sawdust and wood chips from regional sawmills make up the necessary raw material to make our smoke flavor products.  In addition, specialty wood chips are also sourced from around the country to produce many specialty products and flavors.  Some of these regional varieties include Cherrywood, Applewood, and Mesquite woods. 

Wood Chips and dust are dried to a specified moisture content then pyrolyzed under controlled conditions.  The vapor produced from this process is then condensed into a liquid.  This raw liquid smoke material is then settled and filtered, removing the non-functional components, leaving just those that produce the desired smoky flavor notes on the surface of smoked meat.  This refined liquid can also be further processed to produce products for all food and meat applications, including direct addition, atomization, showering, brine injection, etc.  Aqueous, water soluble, concentrated, oil-based and dry products are all available.

Our process produces a cleaner, safer product than traditional smoke

Any benefit available from natural smoke, such as imparting flavor, aiding in cure reaction, Maillard browning on meat, etc. can be done with liquid smoke. Through QST’s filtration process, it also removes undesirable components of smoke, some carcinogenic, to create a liquid smoke product that is safer, cleaner, and healthier than traditional smoke.

In the liquid smoke process, non-condensable gases, like methane, are cycled back into the furnace to help produce the heat necessary to burn the sawdust, essentially making it a self-sustaining system.

Our process creates a customized, eco-friendly product

QST is mindful of their production and use good, clean environmental processes. Everything left over is re-used, including non-functional, non-desirable and waste components, all burned for energy within the closed system.’

We Put Customer Service First

Our level of customer service is exceptional for both new and existing clients.  Our size allows us to work more closely with you and offer more customized solutions.  Contact us directly at (931) 498-9610 or smokeinfo@qsting.com to get started.  You can also send us a message on our contact page.